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Digital_tool_box_conference_afIt was a pleasure to meet so many enthusiastic colleagues on Monday and Tuesday, all keen to further utilise digital tools for their marketing, admissions, communications and alumni relations and fundraising.

We hope you found the day interesting and the insights, tips and techniques shared by the speakers prove useful to you and your colleagues. We hope you enjoyed visiting Brighton too, we loved hearing that at least one delegate had been answering her emails from the beach early morning.

Please click on the links below to download the pdf versions of the presentations, slides and breakout sessions that interest you. We hope these and your own notes will serve as an aide memoir.

Our thanks to everyone involved in planning and delivering the Digital Tool Box Conference and post-Conference Workshops 2015, to our speakers and to you for participating. We look forward to seeing you at future events soon and if you have any suggestions on future event themes and/or speakers etc please don’t hesitate to email us at:

[PLEASE NOTE: These materials have been produced exclusively for our conference delegates and their colleagues. Please feel free to share any of the conference materials with your colleagues in your organisation/institution, but please kindly contact us if you would like to discuss reproducing and/or distributing or publishing these notes, the presentation slides or workshop handouts in whole or part to any third party (other than your colleagues).]


Please click on the links in the table below to download the PDFs of interest to you.

But first please click here to download our summary of all the morning presentations, a ‘live blog’ of what the speakers said during their main presentations. We recommend reading these notes in conjunction with the presentation slides.

If you have any problems downloading these materials please don’t hesitate to email us.


0815-0915 Registration, Refreshments & Networking (Chartwell Suite)
0915 CONFERENCE STARTS – (Chartwell Suite)
0915-0920 WELCOME – (Chartwell Suite)
0920-1115 KEYNOTE BRIEFINGS – (Chartwell Suite)
DATA CAPTURE & MANAGEMENT – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – What, How, Why? (Andrew Hancox)
WEB DEVELOPMENT – The DIY approach to a web presence. (Dan O’Driscoll)
WEB DEVELOPMENT – Your content managed website in Drupal. (Alick Mighall)
BLOGGING – Tools for finding an audience in the social media age. (Adam Tinworth)
MOBILE APPS – Making apps for Education. (James Hartt)
PAYMENTS – Getting paid online. (Dan O’Driscoll)
EVENTS – Event management systems. (Laura Bevans)
1115-1140 Refreshments & Networking (Chartwell Suite)
1140-1330 KEYNOTE BRIEFINGS continued… (Chartwell Suite)
MULTIMEDIA – VIDEO Content that delivers. (Matthew D’Arcy)
MULTIMEDIA – PODCASTING/AUDIO – An introduction. (Claire Wass)
SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION (SEO) – What’s in my SEO tool box… and why? (David Rosam)
EMAIL – The unsung hero in your tool box. (Liz Boardman)
SOCIAL MEDIA – Major platforms, a quick tour of top tips. (Clive Andrews)
SOCIAL MEDIA – The future. (Chris McCormick)
ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT – tips for managing your online reputation. (Chris McCormick)
1330-1430 Lunch (Main Restaurant, Ground Floor)
1430-1510 BREAKOUT SESSION 1 – (Chartwell Suite and Hilton Meeting Rooms, 1st Floor)
First Breakout Session:

A1) Web Development – Why Drupal websites could be your solution.
A2) SEO – Tools for Key Phrase Research.
A3) Blogging – Choosing a platform and getting going with blogging.
A4) Email – Data Data Data – a guide to building email mailing lists.
A5) Social Media – Writing for social (using words that work online) and Q&A Surgery (let Clive help!).
A6) Podcasting/Audio – an introduction to using Audacity and Soundcloud.
A7) Analytics – Performance reporting with Google Analytics.

1510-1515 Transfer to the second breakout session… (Chartwell Suite and Hilton Meeting Rooms, 1st Floor)
1515-1555 BREAKOUT SESSION 2 – (Chartwell Suite and Hilton Meeting Rooms, 1st Floor)
Second Breakout Session:

B1) Web Development – WordPress: getting started and essential plug-ins.
B2) Blogging – Pushing the boundaries: evolving your blog with community tools.
B3) Email – Email templates, winning subject lines and how to test for better results.
B4) Events – Using Eventbrite: A ‘How to’ guide.
B5) Mobile – Using App platforms for Education.
B6) Social Media – Exploring the ‘Next Generation’ of Social Media, future features and functionality.
B7) Analytics – Understanding user behaviour with Google Analytics.

1555-1615 Refreshments (Chartwell Suite)
1615-1645 KEYNOTE BRIEFINGS continued… (Chartwell Suite)
ONLINE ADVERTISING – It works! (Matthew D’Arcy)
ANALYTICS – An overview of key tools. (Julian Erbsloeh)


If you have any questions about downloading these materials please don’t hesitate to email us.

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