Visiting London (Post-18)


Please see below for information about accommodation, dining and sightseeing during your visit to London for the Post-18 DIGITAL KNOWHOW Conference. (For the Conference venue details and travel to London see the Location page.)


There is a massive choice of hotels in central London with a range of prices and deals, from budget to premium.

CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Ritz_IMG_6154_300_200> HOTELS IN THE IMMEDIATE AREA

The hotels in the immediate area are more expensive due to their location and premium reputation (please scroll down for less expensive hotels within easy reach of Central Hall Westminster by foot, car or underground train), they include:

CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Intercontinental_Hotel_IMG_6287_300_200> BUDGET & MID-PRICE HOTELS IN THE WIDER AREA

Budget and mid-price hotels include:

CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Theatreland_Les_Miserables_IMG_6744_300_200> HOTEL BOOKING WEBSITES

The following websites can identify good deals at hotels in Central London:


CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Chinatown_Lion_IMG_6759_300_200London is famous for its pubs, bars and restaurants.

The following websites may help in finding places to eat and drink:

CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Piccadilly_Circus_Night_IMG_6468_300_200> DISCOUNT COUPONS FOR EATING AND DRINKING

The following websites offer special deals and discounts for eating and drinking in restaurants and bars:


CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_London_Bus_IMG_6147_300_200The following websites may be helpful if planning leisure time in London:

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot accept any responsibility for any of these websites. We do not endorse or recommend them. Please use good judgement in using third party websites and exercise due caution in purchasing any products or services they may provide or promote. Caveat Emptor.


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DIGITAL KNOWHOW is an unmissable one-day learning and networking event in London UK, organised by CLICK-RECRUIT-ENROL, a trading name for OMTAC Ltd.