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Your target audiences have moved online… have you?

Do you share our confusion? Why do so many Nurseries & Schools continue wasting budget on ‘hit & miss’ traditional advertising?

It is time to realise the benefits of digital advertising… some Nurseries are ahead of the game… you may already have noticed your competitor’s adverts appearing alongside relevant search results.

No question, Online Advertising should be at the centre of your recruitment, marketing and admissions strategy.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_Search_Example_Boarding_250_159Whether you want to try Online Advertising for the first time or to expand an existing Online Advertising programme, Click-Recruit-Online (OMTAC Ltd) provides inexpensive packages for one-off costs – no on-going fees, no hidden costs.

Advertising in the media, especially print media, is often poorly targeted, short-term, catch-all, ineffective, wasteful, hard to track.

So why continue to do it?

Online digital advertising is much cheaper than you may think… highly targeted, timely, focused, customised, flexible, easy to adjust, measurable, cost-effective.

And remember… once Online Advertising campaigns have been set-up they can be used and re-used, switched on and off as required, month on month, year on year. Once you have invested in setting up your accounts and campaigns you just pay for each click to your website… for each prospective parent or key influencer who engages directly with you… no more ‘hit & miss’!

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Previously we have run Online Advertising campaigns on request for Schools & Colleges who have attended our training workshops and seminars.

However we have noticed how local advertising agencies are charging Nurseries high monthly retainers or fees based on the percentage of advertising spend each month for providing Online Advertising services… this soon becomes very expensive.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_250_154As specialists in education digital marketing we have therefore decided to make our services more widely available, offering cost-effective packages to get you up and running… you then take care of the rest, switching the advertising on or off as necessary.

(Once your advertising account has been set-up you will have complete control and can run and re-use your campaigns as much as you like over the following months and years.)

We have worked in and with Schools, Colleges and Universities in admissions and marketing and we know from personal experience the way sales staff at newspapers and magazines, guides and directories see institutions as a soft touch… launching a ‘hard sell’ whenever they want to fill advertising space.

CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Apple_Store_Regents_Street_Window_IMG_6392_300_200We know it is all too easy to succumb to the pressure, to say “yes” against better judgement, because owners/governors and senior management expect to see their Nursery alongside competitors.

But why base your advertising on the bad habits and mistakes of competitors?

It is mostly a waste of budget, we all know it.

Generally, once your campaigns have been set-up, your Online Advertising costs will vary from £0.50 to £4.50 per click (per person clicking through to your website)… so for a spend of, say, £270 you might have anything from 60-540 visitors to your website!

Take the example of a quarter or half page advert costing £540 in a newspaper or magazine or a similar spend on posters in supermarkets or adverts on buses… when has that ever brought 120-1080 visitors to your website in the way that Online Advertising can?! Proven, trackable and precisely targeted.

Remember… these are prospective parents and key influencers who are actively looking for what you are offering and coming to your website to read about you, to request a prospectus, to register to attend an Open Event.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_Search_Example_Boarding_250_159Having run multiple advertising campaigns for Schools in the UK, Europe and further afield, attracting 1000s of prospective parents, pupils/students and key influencers to our clients’ websites at minimal cost, we know Online Advertising works.

We know from experience that Online Advertising is far more cost-effective than traditional offline advertising, it reaches key target audiences day and night who are researching Nursery & School options but, because of poor ranking against particular search terms, not finding you.

Investment in Online Advertising can also benefit ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ search engine ranking if the research data is used effectively for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ (SEO)… so in the long-term ranking improves and the need to spend money on Online Advertising reduces.

Our Online Advertising packages have been developed as the answer for Nurseries wanting to test (or increase existing) digital advertising, moving your spending from poorly targeted traditional advertising offline to highly targeted and effective Online Advertising.

You pay us for the set-up of your Online Advertising account, campaign(s) and landing page(s)… you then pay Google and Bing direct for any advertising you subsequently do, as and when you do it.

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This advertising package has been specifically designed for Nurseries wishing to target prospective parents and key influencers who are searching in Google and/or Bing search for information about a Nursery or their next School.

We will do the following:

1) Open a Google AdWords account for you.

2) Provide you or your website developer with re-marketing codes (and instructions/guidance for installation) for future use if/when required.

3) Review your website SEO, your links and your competitor’s SEO.

4) Produce a target list of keywords and key phrases for your Online Advertising campaign.

5) Plan and create a ‘Paid Search’ Online Advertising campaign according to your targeting requirements, comprising separate campaigns as appropriate, with Ad Groups and Ads designed to bring prospective parents and others to your website at minimal cost.

6) Set-up ‘Extensions’ and Mobile advertising (Paid Search) to enhance your campaign.

7) Give you help and guidance for creating customised landing pages for the campaign.

8) Set-up goal/conversion tracking.

9) Provide 2 hours of training by phone/Skype in how to manage your Google AdWords and/or Bing online advertising accounts.

PLUS – you will receive a free SEO Report giving details of your current keyword and key phrase targeting and an analysis of your website and your competitors’ SEO, with advice on how you can improve your search engine ranking.


Google dominates the search engine sector in most countries with a market share of up to 90%.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Bing_Adverts_250_160Bing has a much smaller market share however it does tend to have a higher percentage use within the education sector, so prospective parents and key influencers who are researching Nursery options may use Bing rather than Google.

Also worth considering… Google’s dominance means that most Nursery advertising online will tend to focus on Google, by advertising on Bing you may reach prospective parents and/or key influencers not otherwise targeted by competitors.

It can therefore be advantageous to advertise on both. (Remember – you only pay for the advertising when someone clicks on an advert and visits your website, learning about your Nursery and touring your site.)

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The costs given below are for ‘one-off’ set-up costs.

Once the Google AdWords and/or Bing Advertising account(s) and campaigns have been set-up you will have full control, you can use and re-use the campaigns as much as required (or your advertising budget will allow) over the following months or years.

The only extra cost will be the ‘cost per click’ charged by Google AdWords and/or Bing Advertising each time someone clicks on an advert and visits your website.

Pricing will vary a little depending on the number of campaigns required. Once an account has been set-up for one or more campaigns, the costs for setting up additional campaigns will be considerably cheaper – please see below.

Please note, 50% of the package cost is payable to OMTAC Ltd on commissioning and 50% on delivery of the campaign(s), but you do not start paying Google or Bing until you begin running your advertising campaigns.


The ‘starter package’ (as detailed above) costs £750 + Vat for setting up a Google AdWords campaign, or £950 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, for general admissions enquiries for enrolment.

This package is designed to target and attract prospective parents and key influencers who are searching for your kind of Nursery using general education/nursery/local search terms and for targeting those searching for your competitors by name.

(Audiences targeted may be local, regional or national; for the additional targeting of international audiences please see below.)

You may wish to add (now or in the future) special campaigns that specifically target:

B) OPEN EVENTS – campaigns for specifically promoting Open Events (to increase attendance etc). This package costs £350 + Vat for setting up Google AdWords campaigns promoting your Open Events to key target audiences, or £500 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, provided the ‘Starter – General (Admissions/Enquiries)’ campaign package has been commissioned.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_250_154C) PROSPECTUS REQUESTS – campaigns for specifically promoting your Prospectus and/or admissions materials. This package costs £250 + Vat for setting up Google AdWords campaigns, or £350 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, provided the ‘Starter – General (Admissions/Enquiries)’ campaign package has been commissioned.

D) INTERNATIONAL EXPAT/RELOCATION – campaigns for specifically targeting those searching for International Ex-Pat/Relocation options. These packages costs £650 + Vat for setting up Google AdWords campaigns, or £850 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, provided the ‘Starter – General (Admissions/Enquiries)’ campaign package has been commissioned.

F) ASSISTED/FREE PLACES – campaigns for specifically promoting Assisted/Free Places. This package costs £350 + Vat for setting up Google AdWords campaigns, or £500 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, provided the ‘Starter – General (Admissions/Enquiries)’ campaign package has been commissioned.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Bing_Adverts_Search_Example_A_Level_250_124H) RE-MARKETING – campaigns for re-marketing (‘re-advertising’) to people who have previously visited your website. These packages cost £450 + Vat for setting up Google AdWords campaigns, or £650 + Vat for setting up duplicate Google Adwords and Bing Advertising campaigns, provided the ‘Starter – General (Admissions/Enquiries)’ campaign package has been commissioned. (Please note, graphic design work (to create banner advertising) is not included, you may provide the art work or we can arrange for graphic design work at an extra cost.)

Please note: once the advertising accounts and campaigns have been set-up your only costs will be the fees charged by Google and/or Bing each time someone clicks on an advert and visits your website. You do not start paying Google or Bing until you begin advertising.

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OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_250_154Once we have set-up your campaigns and given you guidance on managing them, you should be able to take over the on-going management of your campaigns in-house. However if you want us to manage your online advertising we do offer a management service for those wanting longer-term support, based on a 20% management fee or monthly retainer.

On this basis Click-Recruit-Enrol (OMTAC Ltd) will take full responsibility for managing your campaign, working hard to maximise the reach and impact of the advertising spend, to achieve as many high quality clicks as possible at the lowest possible cost, stretching your budget as far as possible for the maximum return on investment and providing insights and reports.

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Inevitably setting up Online Advertising accounts and campaigns takes time. We need to co-ordinate with you, understand your needs, devise the campaigns, help you set-up landing pages etc. Generally we expect the set-up process to take from 3-6 weeks, so please don’t delay!

To proceed please complete the Online Advertising Booking Form below and we will contact you will information on the next steps and an invoice for payment.

If you have any questions or require clarification on any point please don’t hesitate to email us.


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We would like to hear from you on any topic, with any question or comment.

Please use our Contact Us page to tell us about any ideas, issues, difficulties or challenges you face.

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