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Your target audiences have moved online… have you?

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Your target audiences have moved online… have you?

Probably you have personally… you ‘Google’, book travel, bank, shop, email, check the weather, read and share news and consume entertainment online all the time? (As do your colleagues, friends and family.)

The same is true of everyone you need to interest in your School, College or University… when someone wants to find a School, College or University do they really go to a shop for a copy of a local newspaper or a national magazine or go to the library or bookshop for a directory? No.

So why, when you advertise to reach prospective pupils/students and parents etc, do you and your colleagues still chose to spend so much of your budget off-line on ‘hit & miss’ advertising campaigns?

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_250_154Your prospective pupils/students, their parents, agents and other influencers have moved online in their consumption of media and entertainment, for social and professional networking, for researching information, reviews and recommendation etc.

Yet the hard-sell from newspaper and directory sales teams and our insecurity about not appearing in print media and directories alongside competitor institutions means we still spend a small fortune on advertising that we know DOES NOT WORK!

  • What evidence have you got that any of your advertising currently delivers good value for money?
  • Are your target audiences really reading those magazines and newspapers?
  • How many people really enquire as a direct result of your adverts?

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Twitter_Adverts_250_167Now is the time to stop the old bad habits and instead to spend your money where you can precisely target your prospective pupils/students and parents (and control your spend and track the results)… when and where they are looking for you (they just don’t know it) and busy talking with friends and family about education options etc.

Online Advertising is cost effective and it delivers results… in our experience an online digital advertising campaign with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or other platforms and networks can deliver results within a day or even an hour.


Before the Internet, and before the evolution of online advertising, the opportunities for advertising an institution/organisation were largely restricted to print media, radio, publications, outside advertising and sponsorship. But that was 15+ years ago!

We have been in Education Marketing roles ourselves… we know how the media sales teams are constantly calling to push the next ‘Education Supplement’… we know how placing advertising in print media is relatively straightforward and simple to do… and we know how Governors and Senior Management mistakenly think something is wrong if their institution/organisation is not featured alongside competitors who have succumbed to the media’s sales pitch! (Even if it is, in reality, a complete waste of money!)

But advertising in the media, especially print media can be:


  • Poorly targeted,
  • Short-term,
  • Catch-all,
  • Ineffective,
  • Wasteful,
  • Hard to track.

So why continue to do it?

Online digital advertising is:


  • Much cheaper than you may think (once set up),
  • Highly targeted,
  • Timely,
  • Focused,
  • Customised,
  • Measurable,
  • Cost-effective.

Online advertising has numerous advantages over traditional advertising and considerable potential… if you feel the time is right to test it fully please read about our online advertising packages below.

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Every hour of every day – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally (depending on your type of institution/organisation) – there are prospective students and parents searching online for you. They just don’t know it. Instead they find your competitors.

OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Facebook_Adverts_250_164The solution is a well planned, targeted online advertising campaign.

A prospective parent or pupil/student can see an online advert and click through to the web page customised for the campaign… then register online for a prospectus, course guide etc.

Ultimately, following contact, engagement and perhaps attendance at a taster event or an Open Day, they may then enrol.

All for the cost of just one click.

For example, once a campaign is set-up an advertising spend of £250/300 Euro might generate anything from 60-250 visitors… people who are actively looking for the education/training you offer but who would not have found you otherwise.

Compare this return on investment to the “hit and miss” advertising traditionally undertaken by institutions in local, regional and national media, directorates etc.

Your target audiences no longer rely on traditional print media or printed directories… that was then, this is now.

The great majority of your prospective pupils/students, their parents and advisers have left “offline” behind and embraced “online”… so should you.


Objectives for an online advertising campaign for your institution/organisation may include:

  • Increasing registration numbers to meet and exceed your enrollment targets;


  • Boosting attendance at taster events and Open Days etc;
  • Promoting scholarships, awards and/or bursaries;
  • Attracting more able pupils/students in the short, medium and long-term;
  • Raising your profile within your catchment area;
  • Communicating and explaining your ethos and learning offer;
  • Reinforcing recommendation and reputation for your institution/organisation.


Online advertising is something you could develop in-house which is why we offer training (click here) and organise events to help you learn tips, techniques and best practice.

However we know your time is limited and you may feel you lack the expertise to set-up and implement a successful digital campaign quickly, with the challenges of:

  • Targeting – deciding who you should target, where and how.

  • Re-targeting and Re-marketing – bringing back visitors to your website who failed to register or enquire on their first visit.
  • Creating Text and Display Adverts – creating and testing a variety of adverts to increase impact and engagement and maximise the return on investment.
  • Tracking Conversions and Attribution – determining how well the advertising is working and attributing success (between online advertising and other marketing activity online and offline).
  • Using Analytics – exploiting the benefits of digital to analyse and report on the return on investment (much more accurately than offline).

For this reason we provide a range of specialist, cost-effective packages to any Schools, Colleges, Universities and other learning and training institutions/organisations (such as Language Colleges, Online Educators, Outdoor Activity Centres, Summer Camps, Adult Education providers etc) who wish to benefit from online advertising.

For information about the packages available please scroll down…

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Please click on the link below that best describes your institution, a new page will open describing the online advertising packages available:


OMTAC_Online_Advertising_Google_AdWords_250_154Once we have set-up your campaigns and given you guidance on managing them, you should be able to take over the on-going management of your campaigns in-house. However if you want us to manage your online advertising we do offer a management service for those wanting longer-term support, based on a 20% management fee or monthly retainer.

On this basis Click-Recruit-Enrol (OMTAC Ltd) will take full responsibility for managing your campaign, working hard to maximise the reach and impact of the advertising spend, to achieve as many high quality clicks as possible at the lowest possible cost, stretching your budget as far as possible for the maximum return on investment and providing insights and reports.

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