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We work in conjunction with the isbi organisation (Which School) to deliver high quality courses around the UK and abroad, developed over the last 10+ years.


This page explains the introductory/intermediate ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ training seminar (for pupil and student recruitment online, admissions and general communications) and how to book a place for one or more delegates.

Alumni Relations Online Speaker Julia Birchell Long 0064 250 166(Alternatively if an advanced seminar would be more relevant or if you would like to attend the introductory/intermediate seminar and the advanced seminar over two days, please click on the link to read about the 1-day ‘Advanced Google Analytics‘ training seminar.)

The need to master analytics is obvious – without understanding and insights any education and training institution/organisation will waste time and resources and fail to communicate effectively with parents, pupils/students, staff, alumni and others.

This training seminar has been designed to give new and intermediate Google Analytics and Facebook Insight users practical knowledge in what the systems offer, teaching the fundamentals of web analytics, the Google Analytics and Facebook Insights interfaces, the production of key reports and the application of results to improve communications and engagement with key audiences.

All are welcome to attend from Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Language Schools, Universities, Associations etc) from the UK and Ireland, Europe, Middle East, Asia and worldwide (alternatively read about our Middle East training programme if of interest). Click on the link to read recent comments from those attending a 1-day seminar.


Please simply scroll down this page or click on the sub-headings below to be taken to a particular section:

  • Who should attend this ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ training seminar?

Ready to book your place(s) on the ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ training seminar? Please click here to go straight to the “How to Book” section below. [AVAILABILITY – we currently have availability on all Training Seminar dates.]

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CRE_Digital_Education_Marketing_London_Apple_Store_Regents_Street_Window_IMG_6392_300_200After 10 years of providing generalist training seminars to the Education & Training sector we are now introducing different seminars, workshops and conferences (alongside our in-house training and consultancy services) focused on specific themes, topics, platforms and networks for Marketing (Pupil/Student recruitment), Admissions, PR, Communications, Alumni Relations and Fundraising (with relevant case studies and examples and lots of opportunity for networking and shared experience).

Please choose the ‘How to use Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ seminar date most relevant to you – places are limited (but are currently available). Please book soon to secure your place(s) and to benefit from the ‘Early Bird’ booking discount.


The number of places on each seminar is limited, places are allocated on a first come, first served basis… early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. Individual and team bookings are very welcome.


Facebook 250 167This will be an unmissable day for anyone working in the education sector with responsibility for communications activity and strategy for a School, College, University or other learning or training organisation.

With the central role digital communications (website, social media etc) now play in any institution’s communications with key audiences (such as prospective and current parents and pupils/students, staff, alumni and the wider community) it is important that the proper analysis is undertaken on a regular basis to review, test and improve.

Without regular evaluation and assessment there will be inefficiency, lost opportunity and poor return on the time and resources invested.

Alumni Relations Online Speaker Matthew DArcy Long 0039 250 147Most education institutions and training organisations of all sizes have an analytical system in place providing detailed statistics about their website and social media’s traffic, traffic sources, conversions etc.

But despite such systems being in place for many years, few staff really understand how to use their analytics effectively to review, test and improve their communications activity (from pupil/student recruitment and admissions to day to day communications with the wider community to alumni relations).

  • Google Analytics‘ (GA) is a widely used statistics system provided by Google, enabling the tracking of website visitors from all referrers, including search engines and social networks, direct visits and referring sites. Google Analytics provides essential insights into the origin of site visitors and their behaviour on a website, especially their user experience and activity. (Those using other analytical systems will still find it helpful to understand the principles of Google Analytics, what to expect from their own system, how to use the results for improvement etc.)
  • Facebook Insights‘ provides a similar (but much more basic) service for Facebook Pages.

Training will be ‘hands on’ with attendees able to learn by exploring their own Google Analytics & Facebook Insights system over the day. (Those without access to their own Google Analytics & Facebook Page Insights will be provided with an alternative for training purposes.)

The insights, examples and case studies given over the day will be presented in an educational communications, marketing, admissions and alumni context.

Commercial training courses in the use of Google Analytics & Facebook Insights are very expensive. Specialising in providing inexpensive, cost effective digital marketing, admissions, communications and alumni relations training and consultancy, Click-Recruit-Enrol (OMTAC Ltd) is offering these ‘hands-on’ training courses at a significantly reduced rate to enable key staff from the education sector to maximise the benefit of these powerful systems for their institution/organisation.

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The overview (including practical tips and techniques) provided during the ‘How To Use Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ 1 day seminar and the support materials supplied to all those attending will be invaluable to anyone involved in or responsible for the communications activity at their School, College, University or other learning or training organisation, whether completely new to Google Analytics & Facebook Insights or with some basic understanding and experience using them, for monitoring all online marketing and improving their web presence.

This ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ training seminar will teach practical skills and analytics tips for everyday use. The training will be engaging and involve a mix of teaching, individual exercises, group exercises and Q&A sessions, of particular interest to:

  • Alumni Relations Online Delegates Katy ONeill 0010 250 165School, College and University Communications, Marketing & PR and/or Website Managers
  • Admissions Officers and Admissions Registrars
  • Student Recruitment Directors
  • International Marketing Managers and Directors for Schools, Colleges or Universities
  • Alumni Relations Managers
  • Development Officers / Managers and Development Directors
  • Senior School/College/University Management
  • Head Teachers and Principals

Multiple bookings are welcome – Education Marketing & PR, Alumni & Development and/or Senior Management teams may also find attendance as a group helpful as an “away day” focusing on the review and revision of their online communications activity.

Please note: this is a beginners/intermediate course so no previous experience using Google Analytics is required but those attending should have Admin access to an active Google Analytics account (alternatively we can provide this).

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This ‘hands on’ intensive Google Analytics & Facebook Insights Seminar will provide an overview of all aspects of the Google Analytics & Facebook Insights systems. We will show you how to analyse your communications activity with confidence, enabling you to concentrate your time and resources on what gives you the best return on your time and resources. The number of attendees is limited to enable plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Over the 1-day seminar those attending the course will:

  • Explore the role and application of Web and Social Media analytics;
  • Google 250 167Learn the Google Analytics & Facebook Insights interface, dashboard and segments;
  • Understand the wealth of information available, and how it applies to their institution’s communications, recruitment, admissions and alumni activity;
  • Clarify the best metrics to measure (and why);
  • Develop the skills to analyse traffic and content reports and to set goals and filters, including visits, visitors, bounce rates and traffic sources;
  • Master the production of useful, relevant Analytics reports;
  • Gain confidence in the presentation of relevant information in context to other colleagues, senior management, governors etc;
  • Have access to troubleshooting tips and advice after the seminar.

Information will be clearly presented in a non-technical way with ‘hands on’ teaching, using real analytics accounts, with plenty of Q&A.

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Please arrive between 0930 and 1000 for registration and refreshments. We will begin at 1000. There will be two breaks for refreshments during the day, with a break for a light lunch. We will finish at 1615.

The price per delegate includes your place on the Training Seminar, refreshments, lunch, training materials, certificate of attendance and access to further materials on the Click-Recruit-Enrol website.



0930 – 1000 Registration & Refreshments
1000 – 1130 The ‘What & Why’ Of Google Analytics – Introduction to Google Analytics, key components of web analytics, what can be tracked, metrics and objectives for your analytics reporting.
1130 – 1145 Refreshment Break
1145 – 1245 Google Analytics Interface – Setting up an account and profile, adding users, filters, goals and funnels, site search.
1245 – 1315 Google Analytics Tracking, Goals & Events – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), traffic sources analysis, lead generation metrics, keyword analysis, website optimisation, goals and events
1315 – 1400 Lunch
1400 – 1500 Google Analytics Reporting – Overview, visitors, traffic, content, timeline, exporting, saving, emailing, customisation.
1500 – 1515 Refreshment Break
1515 – 1530 Facebook Insights – Using Facebook Insights to track, analyse and report on your Facebook Page(s).
1530 – 1600 Google Analytics Reporting – Overview, visitors, traffic, content, timeline, exporting, saving, emailing, customisation.
1600 – 1615 Summary
1615 Close

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The ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ seminar will be led by Luke Hay, Analytics and User Experience (UX) Consultancy, supported by Matthew D’Arcy, Managing Director of OMTAC Ltd*.


emcdigital_2016_forum_speaker_luke_hay_bw_100_100Recently commissioned by a publisher to write a book on Analytics, Luke is an experienced consultant and trainer specialising in Analytics and User Experience (UX) with an understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web design and reputation management online.

Luke started his career with a year as Webmaster at Kabal Media in 2000 followed by 4 years as Website Manager at Sussex Enterprise. In 2005 Luke was appointed Web Manager at Wired Sussex, responsible for maintaining, developing and managing all the organisation’s websites including Wired Sussex, Women in Media, the Digital Media Awards, Brighton Jobs Fair and the Sussex Internship Programme. He was also responsible for compiling and sending out email marketing campaigns as well as assisting with setting up and promoting events.

In 2011 Luke was appointed ‘Research & UX Director’ at No Pork Pies with responsibility for ensuring websites suit the objectives and needs of the site owners by taking a user-centric approach to web management and for providing consultancy and support in Google Analytics.

In 2015 Luke joined Fresh Egg as an Analytics and User Experience (UX) Manager working in the UK and Australia, providing Analytics and UX consultancy to clients of all sizes.

Luke has worked across all sectors including Education, having provided training and consultancy to Schools, Colleges and Universities on behalf of Click-Recruit-Enrol ( since 2012 and spoken at a number of CRE conferences and events.


OMTAC Matthew Portrait PhotographMatthew has been involved in Education Marketing, PR & Admissions for over 15 years and Alumni Relations for over 20 years, having participated in and led School and University alumni committees etc, and more generally with the Education sector while working at the University of Surrey (UK) as Student Enterprise Manager and at Worth School (UK) as Director of Marketing & Careers.

Matthew first began working with the Internet while working at the University and then when creating the first website for Worth School in 1998. Since then he has been using digital marketing and communications in business in different sectors, from recruitment, retail and travel to FMCG and sports products.

Matthew has long personal experience over the last 8+ years in using Google Analytics and Facebook Insights and in providing training and solutions in the area of digital education marketing/student recruitment and alumni relations, giving talks and presentations for organisations and associations such as the GSA, AMDIS, IDPE etc.

(*OMTAC Ltd specialises in providing practical, relevant and inexpensive training and consultancy in digital marketing and communications to the Education, Alumni and Charity sectors and to specific industry sectors.)

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The one day seminars on ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ will take place in various locations in the London area and in Manchester UK.

(If you would like to attend a seminar but the dates or location are not convenient, please let us know.)

Please scroll down to see the seminar schedule ordered by date and for details about the venue. (Final details about the venue will be provided in the joining information sent out a week before the Training Seminar.)

We have kept the cost of the training seminars as low as possible, we are limiting the number of people attending each seminar to encourage interaction, and we are offering various themes to ensure the seminar is as relevant as possible to the majority of Schools, Colleges, Universities and Education organisations.

Please identify the seminar that best suits you (and your colleagues) and then scroll down this page to the “Book Here” section.

Alternatively we are happy to offer internet marketing consultancy, 1-to-1 training and strategic planning and customised training in-house for one or more people at a time and location suitable for you, please contact us for more information.





(For Schools, Colleges, Universities etc.)
Vauxhall, London, UK Vox Studios Meeting Rooms 1-45 Durham St, Vauxhall, London SE11 5JH, UK.
(For Schools, Colleges, Universities etc.)
Vauxhall, London, UK Vox Studios Meeting Rooms 1-45 Durham St, Vauxhall, London SE11 5JH, UK.

(If you would like to attend a seminar but the dates or locations above are not convenient, please let us know.)


Detailed information about the training centre venue and joining instructions will be sent at least a week before the seminar.

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[Places are currently available on all dates. Multiple bookings are welcome.]

READY TO BOOK? – Please click here if you are ready to book your place(s) by completing the Online Booking Form.

If you are paying by Credit/Debit Card or PayPal please click on this link to open the payment webpage in a new window, then make your payment. Please also remember to complete and submit the Online Booking Form.

If paying by BACS/International Wire Transfer please select the appropriate option on the Online Booking Form.

If you have any difficulty with the booking process please don’t hesitate to email us.


Alumni Relations Online Delegates Ian Lewis 0013 250 219The delegate price for the ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ seminar is generally half that of equivalent courses for the commercial sector and includes:

  • Your place on the ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ training seminar,
  • Refreshments and Lunch,
  • Training materials.

Book now to benefit from an ‘Early Bird’ £50 booking discount on the normal workshop cost, subject to availability and non-transferable. (This offer is currently available but may be withdrawn at any time.)

‘Early Bird’ booking cost per participant:

  • ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ for Schools, Colleges & Universities… ‘Early Bird’ discount – £50 OFF the normal price to attend – cost per delegate: £295 + £59 Vat = £354* per delegate.

(*Approximately €490 Euro or $560 US Dollars, if booking from abroad please note the fee charged to your Credit/Debit Card or to be sent by you by International Wire Transfer is £354 GB Sterling, the currency conversion amount will depend on the currency exchange rate on the day you book.)

Standard pricing (when ‘Early Bird’ discount ends):

  • ‘Google Analytics & Facebook Insights’ for Schools, Colleges & Universities cost per delegate: £345 + £69 Vat = £414 per delegate.

READY TO BOOK? – Please click here if you are ready to book your place(s) by completing the Online Booking Form.

If you have any questions or difficulties making your booking please don’t hesitate to email us by clicking here.

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